Reina leone

Performer AKA     Reyna, Reine Leone
Birthday    December 02, 1974
Astrology    Sagittarius
Birthplace    San Francisco, CA
Years Active    2003-2012 (Started around 29 years old)
Ethnicity    Latin
Nationality/Heritage    American
Hair Color    Brown
Measurements    36D-26-36
Height    5 feet, 6 inches (168 cm)
Weight    125 lbs (57 kg)
Tattoos    Sun around navel; Large design middle to lower back
Non-Ear Piercings    Nipples; Tongue; Clithood; Navel; Right nostril; Left upper lip
Comments    There are no comments for this performer.
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Reina Leone (born December 2, 1974 in Santa Rosa, California) is an American pornographic film actress. She was born as Kelly Francisco.

San Francisco "Porno-Cops" scandal

Francisco was an IP Officer at San Francisco General Hospital, but began performing in pornographic films in her free time. In 2004, Francisco and Darryl Watts, a San Francisco policeman, were recognized as the stars of Bus Stop Whores, a 45 minute hardcore video filmed in Los Angeles, California. Francisco portrayed a hooker, and Watts played her client.

Kelly Francisco said: "One of my husband's co-workers found something of us on the web. He took it to the station and showed everybody. It leaked to my department. Then someone leaked it to the news. It was a big scandal for about three weeks".[citation needed]

As consequence of the publicity, they both quit their departments and got into porn full time. They married that year.

Pornographic career

Before Francisco quit the police, she had made several adult videos, attended adult film conventions and had her own adult Web site under the stage name of Reina Leone. Darryl Watts now performs under the stage name of "Joe Friday" and has starred with Leone in several films.

According to Leone, porn star Belladona was her real discoverer, since Belladonna used her in Bella's Perversions 3. Leone's first sex shot was a girl/girl scene with Belladonna in March 2003.

Leone was also featured on the Showtime reality television series, Family Business.

Her first on-camera scene was with Kurt Lockwood in 2003. She performed her first on-camera "anal scene" with Kurt Lockwood in December 2003. Tom Byron filmed it for Meat Pushin' in the Seat Cushion 2, released in early May 2004 by Evolution Erotica.

Leone's first DP scene was in 2004 with Joe Friday and Van Damage. It appeared on Volume 9 of the Double Parked series produced by DVSX.

Starring in porn flick probably won't get S.F. cops fired
Phillip Matier, Andrew Ross
Published 4:00 am, Wednesday, May 26, 2004

It's causing no end of embarrassment for the SFPD and the Sheriff's Department, but a cop couple caught moonlighting in a 45-minute porn video are probably going to hold on to their badges.

Their star turn isn't exactly doing wonders for their careers, however -- at least the ones where they wear their uniforms.

The male cop who stars in the boffing extravaganza, Officer Darryl Watts, is off his Tenderloin beat and now is working a desk.

His female film partner, Kelly Francisco -- an institutional cop who works for the Sheriff's Department -- remains on the job at San Francisco General Hospital but could be in hot water with the bosses who look out for the department's image. They suspect she has made at least four videos, attended adult film conventions and, until recently, had her own adult Web site under the stage name Reina Leone.

The pair sent both shock waves and giggles throughout station houses this week when they were discovered to be the protagonists of "Bus Stop Whores," a hard-core romp apparently filmed in Los Angeles and now available on the Internet.

In one scene, the 29-year-old Francisco -- who goes by the name Mira in the video -- solicits a sex act for $500.

She and Watts, 27, then vigorously proceed to demonstrate a variety of full cavity search techniques not found in the standard police manual.

Since the video surfaced Friday -- and began making its way to various news outlets -- both the police and the sheriff's departments have opened misconduct inquiries.

And at the same time, they've done their best to keep a straight face.

"The department has immediately initiated an investigation to determine if there is any violation of department rules and procedures or if any criminal misconduct has occurred," said SFPD Officer Maria Oropeza, who has been fielding calls and appearing before a string of TV cameras.

"This is disgusting," was the e-mail message we got from one viewer, who sent us a copy of the Web link to the couple's video.

But some in the department were a little looser in their assessments.

"Hey, this is San Francisco -- what do you expect?" said Sgt. Joe Garrity, who worked out of the same station as the porn cop.

"Personally, I haven't seen the movie -- but then I'm more of a Disney kind of guy," Garrity said.

He added, "But from what I hear, Brad Pitt doesn't have anything to worry about."

And if legal precedent holds true, the naked pair might not have all that much to worry about either.

In January, the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco overturned the firing of a San Diego cop who was canned in 2001 for making and selling explicit videotapes of himself -- just himself -- on EBay.

A federal judge rejected the officer's claim that the video was protected free speech. But the appeals court disagreed, saying the tapes were made while the man in blue was off duty and didn't interfere with the Police Department's running an efficient and nondisruptive workplace.

Not that the San Francisco pair are entirely out of the woods.

If, for example, they made money from their Web venture, they would be required to disclose what they were up to and get permission from their bosses for the second job.

Plus, both the police and sheriff's departments have regulations prohibiting employee conduct that brings discredit to the uniforms they wear.

Even when they're stark naked?

"Absolutely," said Sheriff Michael Hennessey. "My department logo is all over the press in a discrediting fashion."

We couldn't reach Watts or Francisco directly for comment. But a man who described himself as a family friend of Francisco's did return a message we left on her personal cell phone.

Speaking for both co-stars, he said Watts and Francisco had hired lawyers and had been advised not to comment during the investigation.

"Both are having a hard time with this, and having it plastered on the news isn't helping matters," he said.

Ironically, the porno pair's caper is coming to light as the SFPD vice squad is cracking down on prostitution in local adult movie theaters.

"He (Watts) has never been part of our unit," says Capt. Tim Hedrick, head of the vice squad.

No, but the timing is sure interesting.

Family perks: The Chronicle's intrepid political writer Carla Marinucci culled this little news nugget from a White House pool report prepared by a Washington Post scribe describing the arrival of Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base, outside Washington:

"Wheels down at 7:33 at Andrews. . . . Among the luggage disgorged from the belly of AF1: a pink table, a pair of chairs and various storage boxes that appeared to be the contents of a college dorm room. Also, from the passenger cabin came a cake with white icing congratulating the two daughters. "

Talk about hiring top-flight movers!

Accounts receivable: Oakland's city auditor reports that the Parks and Recreation Department has been making some great strides of late in its collections. Among them:

-- $8,000 that an ex-department administrator embezzled.

-- $2,192 that an ex-Rotary Nature Center worker embezzled.

-- $2,470 in calls that workers made on cell phones acquired through the city.

The bad news:

There's still $10,000 in outstanding private cell phone charges by Park and Rec workers.

Plus $713 in calls to Jamaica and Indonesia made by a couple of early- bird workers on an old-fashioned land line.

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